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Breast Lift

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A breast lift can improve the profile of sagging breasts, making breast look more youthful and perky.

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Breast Lift With Breast Implant Surgery

Breast lift can be combined with breast implant surgery if your breasts have lost volume in addition to becoming saggy. This condition is common after pregnancy and breastfeeding, but can also result from aging or weight loss. Many women simply want their breasts to look the way they did when they were younger or before they had children, and breast lift with or without implants can create a more youthful appearance.

Breast Lift With Breast Reduction Surgery

For women with uncomfortably large breasts who are considering breast reduction, a breast lift may be included to improve profile as well as reduce size of the breasts.

Why Breast Lift Surgery

Women choose to have a breast lift for many different reasons including:

  • Breasts have begun to sag over time
  • Breasts have become droopy after pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Clothes do not fit properly
  • Lack of cleavage
  • Desire for perkier breasts
  • Desire for better breast contour and profile
  • Desire to feel sexy and more feminine
  • Improved self esteem and confidence

There are numerous different procedures done for breast lift and Dr. Allen will explain which option is best for you. In most cases, Dr. Allen selects short scar techniques for his patients.

  • Dr. Allen along with his professional and personable staff, gave me hope, showed kindness and compassion every step of the way. I can't thank them enough.

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